450 Years On-Line

Take a look at the college on-line archives which have just gone live this week.

As part of the 450th anniversary events, college heritage officer Marie Prior took on the task to archive and catalogue Prior Pursglove College artefacts and documents going back through the times of the Guisborough Grammar School, and the Alms Houses, right back in fact to the original priory hospital founded by Robert Pursglove in 1561.

As well as the on-line content, which is still a work in progress, there is a comprehensive catalogue of the physical artefacts and hard-copy documents. Marie and the college are to be congratulated on a splendid job. Of course they remain keen to hear from anyone with new content, new knowledge of the existing content or simply with interest in using or supporting the ongoing archive.

Explore starting from the archive home page, or maybe start right at the beginning with the original foundation charter and a transcript of the full text or perhaps the complete searchable catalogue. For ongoing news of latest additions keep an eye on the archive news blog.

(All enquiries to ppc.museum@prior.pursglove.ac.uk )

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One Response to 450 Years On-Line

  1. Les Easom says:

    It’s amazing what you can find on the internet. I have just come across this mention of GGS 450th anniversary. I was there when we celebrated the 400th. And now I am of an age where my form-mates are staring to die out. I just hope that the present pupils/ students have the same pride in the school as we did.

    Les Easom

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